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The Komen Houston Race for the Cure® route is predominantly located on the inbound and outbound lanes of Allen Parkway. Pre and Post Race festivities are held at Sam Houston Park.

Arrive Early! Arrive in Downtown Houston o later than 7:00am so that you can park and walk to the designated staging area for your event.

Allow ample time for possible traffic delays and parking entrance lines in the area due to the high volume of vehicles headed into downtown. Please note that Allan Parkway will be closed early Saturday morning.

Komen Houston Race for the Cure® Expo Map


Coming Soon! Komen Houston Race for the Cure® Race Route


Parking is available near the Race route, Downtown Sam Houston Park and in the surrounding area. Many of these parking garages and surface lots will require a fee ($3-$15) to park, so come prepared with cash.

Use METRO buses and the light rail from outlying parking areas to avoid parking downtown.

Volunteer Parking

Volunteer parking is available, more information coming soon.