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Team Resources

Komen Houston Race for the Cure® is more than just an event. It’s an event with a mission—to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures. 

The Race has experienced tremendous growth since the first Race in 1991 both in participation and in fundraising. Your participation in the 2017 Komen Houston Race for the Cure® is the first step toward helping ERACE breast cancer. Fundraise online by accessing your Race Center and emailing your friends, family and coworkers.

By running, walking or 'sleeping in' on Race morning, you are making a difference in the fight against breast cancer! Even beginners find getting pledges easy - just ask! People will be happy to support our vision of a world without breast cancer.

Believe! Excitement is contagious. It is crucial that your team members and sponsors see and feel your dedication and enthusiasm.


When you are raising funds for the Race, you are directly helping people with breast cancer and funding research to eradicate the disease. Make the first donation yourself and set the example. 

  • Start asking for pledges early!
  • Set a goal and tell people what it is.
  • Let everyone know that you’re training for the Komen Houston Race for the Cure and need their donations to help find the cures for breast cancer.


Ask anyone and everyone. You’ll be surprised at the generosity. 

  • Ask for a specific amount when possible, especially from corporate donors.
  • Ask everyone to give something and make it clear that no amount is too small. Every contribution will make a difference—even if its only $5.00.
  • Timing is important—ask for donations on payday.
  • People you see daily – especially those who know you’re participating in the Race. So many lives have been touched by breast cancer, you’ll find a lot of support. 
  • People in your phone, address and email lists – everyone you know who would encourage you in your commitment to the fight against breast cancer.
  • Others as you think of them. People will be honored to be part of your effort.
  • Ask family, friends, co-workers, clients/customers, vendors, your banker, your doctor(s), your classmates and your teachers. 


  • Tell everyone about what you are doing.
  • Send an announcement of your plan to participate to friends, business associates, church members, family and acquaintances.
  • Provide updates –let people know how much you’ve raised and how close you are to reaching your goal.
  • Thank every individual who helps you reach your goal. Let them know that they are making a difference.

Via Email 

When you register, you receive your own personal Race Center (as long as you’ve provided your email address). Use this tool to create an address book and email all of your friends, family, coworkers, etc. encouraging them to support you and donate on your personal web page: 

  • Customize your message 
  • Collect pledges by email
  • Get pledge payments via credit card
  • Forward emails to others, expanding your reach!
  • Via Letter - Send letters to people on your list without email.
  • Ask your parents, friends, spouse or significant other to pass the word around to their friends and coworkers.


  • Learn as much as you can about the Komen Houston’s programs. 
  • Learn about where your money goes.
  • Read about our grants program and our local Grant Recipients.

Involvement Ideas

  • Ask the Human Resources Department if your company has a matching gifts program. 
  • “Jeans Day” –ask approval from management for everyone to dress down one Friday and collect $5.00 from each participant.
  • “Lunch and Learn” –Host a fun and entertaining lunch, gather your friends and family, informing them of your goal and ask them to make a donation.
  • “Event Logo Sale” –Make paper logos and put your picture on them, sell them for $1 and add that to your donations.
  • Garage or Bake Sale –proceeds from these will benefit your donations. 
  • Hold an Auction –Solicit items for an auction with funds benefiting the Race. 
  • Hold a themed dinner party and take donations. 
  • Hold a car wash (a good way to get your kids involved)! 
  • Ask your favorite restaurant if they will hold a fundraiser for you.
  • Spinning class: Hit up your spinning class instructor and classmates. Set a goal at the beginning of the class, and if it’s met, everyone donates $1 per mile — or $1 per minute. (Can also be done with Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, etc.)