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2017 Komen Houston Race


Hi everyone,

This page is for my awesome and beautiful cousin, Tiffany Nguyen. As many of you know she has recently completed her fight against breast cancer. Through it all, she has been full of smiles and strength. As she is human, there have been those times with an iota of sadness. As we know, all emotions are beautiful. I speak personally when I say it's been an inspiration to watch her traverse these unknown waters and to come out an even stronger woman.

If you're free on Saturday 7 October 2017, come join us to meet some new people, raise awareness about breast cancer and celebrate our awesome friend Tiffany. I guarantee you that for each friend that shows up, her happiness level will be raised exponentially.  

That being said, a donation is not necessary - we've met our goal. Trust me when I say that your presence is immensely more important than your cash. We're keen on celebrating life and raising awareness more than anything else. Donate to the non-profit that is important to you - Doctors Without Borders, PETA, Greenpeace, etc...whichever calls to you.

I am just asking that you come out and have an enjoyable walk with friends (old and new).

Whether you're a life long friend of Tiff, an amazing friend that went to surgery with Tiff, roommates that have joint custody of some tiny dog named Dory, you share a deep love of Revolution Studios or you've just seen my little cousin walking aimlessly around the foundations board at Washington Gym, come out. We'd love to have your support. 

Cheers my friends,

Team Tiff

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